Getting Started / What is Cybarmor?

What is Cybarmor?

Image theft has become a widespread issue since the advent of the internet. It is now extremely simple to download and copy images from any website. Many people are unaware that they are using someone else's work without permission, which is a form of copyright infringement.

With Cybarmor™, you can

  • make it impossible for your visitors to save images from your website without your permission
  • communicate your copyright with warning messages
  • safeguard your website's content
  • use a watermark to protect photos from screenshot attempts
  • stop internet scrapers from stealing your images

Cybarmor provides powerful features that you can customize and adds any level of security to your website.

You can use various locks to create a safer environment on your site and present your digital work without fear, ranging from disabling specific mouse and keyboard actions to hiding your source code.


Cybarmor's goal is to keep everyday users from attempting to steal images. Using Cybarmor as an additional layer of security protects against 99% of site visitors. Cybarmor is a front-end security suite only, it cannot prevent site visitors from accessing the website's code set and assets embedded in the code due to the architecture of internet browsers. Cybarmor cannot provide complete protection against server-side attacks & other advanced attacks.